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Surrounding a glomerulus and serving as a collection site for urine
a) bowman's capsule
b) cortex
c) bladder
d) meatus

cup-shaped structures in the renal pelvis for the collection of urine
a) calices
b) creatine
c) hilum
d) kidney

outer portion of the kidney
a) cortex
b) medulla
c) prostate
d) renin

elevated levels may indicate muscular dystrophy
a) creatine
b) renin
c) trigone
d) urea

process of separating solids from a liquid by passing it through a porous substance
a) filtration
b) nephron
c) reabsorption
d) urine

group of capillaries in a nephron
a) glomerulus
b) hilum
c) medulla
d) renin

portion of the kidney where blood vessels and nerves enter and exit
a) hilum
b) meatus
c) medulla
d) nephron

functional unit of a kidney
a) nephron
b) prostate
c) renal pelvis
d) trigone

soft, central portion of the kidney
a) medulla
b) trigone
c) urethra
d) cortex

process of returning elements to the bloodstream after filtration
a) reabsorption
b) renin
c) creatine
d) cortex

waste product of nitrogen metabolism excreted in normal adult urine
a) urea
b) ureter
c) uric acid
d) creatine

tube through which urine is transported from the bladder to the outside of the body
a) urethra
b) ureters
c) bladder
d) meatus

triangular area at the base of the bladder through which the ureters enter and the urethra exits the bladder
a) trigone
b) cortex
c) medulla
d) urethra

a) bladder
b) kidney
c) eye
d) cortex

a) renal pelvis
b) renal kidney
c) renal buttock
d) renal glomerulus

substance produced in liver and may indicate liver disease if found in urine
a) bilirubin
b) albumin
c) acetone
d) casts

disposable catheter for urinary sample collection or incontinence
a) condom catheter
b) dialysis
c) hemodialysis
d) ketone

method of filtration used when kidneys fail
a) dialysis
b) indwelling
c) renogram
d) cystoscope

breaking of kidney stone by using shock waves from the outside of the body
b) KUB
d) UTI

Imaging of kidneys by adding a substance that is filtered through the kidney while it is observed
a) renogram
b) indwelling
c) urinalysis
d) voiding

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