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How does Thanatopsis suggest people should view death?
a) as the end
b) soothing
c) as a new beginning
d) as the end

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Walt Whitman?
a) He was well educated due to his scholarship at a private school.
b) He believed in direct experience.
c) He was the first to use free verse.
d) He published his own book of poetry.

What effect does Thanatopsis suggest nature has on a person?
a) joyful
b) exciting
c) depressing
d) soothing

To a Waterfowl compares which two things?
a) a bird and a body of water
b) an angel and the devil
c) a bird and a common man
d) spring and fall

In To a Waterfowl, who should learn from whom?
a) the bird should learn from the man
b) the man should learn from the bird
c) the angel should learn from the devil
d) the devil should learn from the angel

To A Waterfowl does NOT focus on
a) the beauty of nature
b) individuality
c) reasoning
d) the supernatural

a belief that one can make the world a better place
a) Imagination
b) Inspiration
c) Idealism
d) Intuition

being guided by feelings and instincts
a) Individuality
b) Intuition
c) Imagination
d) Inspiration

considered necessary for creating all literature
a) Imagination
b) Individuality
c) Idealism
d) Inspiration

going with the flow
a) Individuality
b) Idealism
c) Intuition
d) Inspiration

focusing on one's own identity
a) Imagination
b) Intuition
c) Idealism
d) Individuality

Which of the following is NOT considered a part of Romanticism?
a) Imagination
b) Intuition
c) Illusion
d) Idealism

What two things does Romanticism focus on?
a) feelings and imagination
b) logic and reason
c) war and peace
d) essays and short stories

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