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What would the products be of this reaction: C6H8 + O2
a) CO2 + H20
b) C6H8O2
c) C + H2 + O2
d) 3.14

What is the blank Coefficient: MgCl2 + 2 KMNO4 = Mg(MNO4)2 + ___ KCl
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What is the product of the synthesis of Aluminum and Oxygen
a) AlO
b) AlO2
c) Al3O2
d) Al2O3

Which is not a diatomic?
a) H2
b) O2
c) N2
d) C2

What does the octet rule state
a) All elements have exactly 8 electrons
b) All elements have exactly 8 valence electrons
c) All elements bond/react to get 8 electrons
d) What does octet even mean?

How many valence electrons do Nitrogen have? What is its charge typically when in a ionic compound
a) 5; -3
b) -5; 3
c) 8; 3
d) 8; -5

Which of the following is ionic
a) NH4NO3
b) NO2
c) CO2
d) C6H12O6

Which is the correct name for Sn2O3
a) Tin Oxide
b) Ditin Trioxide
c) Tin (III) Oxide
d) Tin (II) Oxide

Which is the correct formula for Aluminum Chloride
a) AlCl
b) AlCl2
c) AlCl3
d) How do I even tell?

What is the proper formula for Iron (III) Oxide
a) FeO
b) Fe3O
c) Fe2O3
d) Fe3O6

What is the oxidation number/state of C in CO2?
a) 4
b) -4
c) 0
d) There is no way to determine that

What is the oxidation state of S in SO4 2-
a) -2
b) 0
c) 8
d) 6

What type of reaction is: NH4NO3 + CaCl2 = NH4Cl + Ca(NO3)2
a) Single Displacement
b) Double Displacement
c) Synthesis
d) Decomposition

What type of reaction is Mg + O2 = MgO
a) Single Displacement
b) Double displacement
c) Synthesis
d) Decomposition

What is the name of this compound: N2O7
a) Nitrogen Oxide
b) Nitrogen (VII) Oxide
c) Dinitrogen Heptaoxide
d) Nitrogen (II) Oxide

Which is not a type of bond?
a) Covalent
b) Polar Covalent
c) Ionic
d) Hydrogen

An ionic bond involves:
a) The sharing of electrons
b) The gaining and losing of electrons
c) Magic
d) I do not know

Which pair of ions is with the correct molecule
a) Mg 2+; Cl -; MgCl
b) H +; PO4 3-; H3PO4
c) Na +; CO3 2-; NaCO3
d) Cu 2+; O 2+; Cu2O2

Molecular compounds usually have
a) Metal and a nonmetal
b) 2 or more metals
c) 2 or more nonmetals
d) they don't exist

What is always a reactant in a combustion reaction
a) H2O
b) CO2
c) O2
d) Its never the same

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