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All of the following are true about life in New England except:
a) Families were very small
b) Town meeting became the seat of local government
c) Towns were arranged around a common
d) Hard work resulted in the successful farming of pumpkins, squash, and beans

The New England colonies are
a) New Hampshire, Massachussetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
b) Massachussets, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York
c) New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
d) New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania

The sabbath in Puritan New England was honored by
a) elaborate celebrations
b) dinner and dancing
c) gaming and laughing
d) long church services and quiet reflection time

King Philip's War started because
a) colonists encroached upon Native lands
b) Natives attacked colonial villages without provocation

During the Great Migration
a) Thousands left the Massachussetts Bay colony for Connecticut
b) Thousands left the Massachussetts Bay colony for Rhode Island
c) Thousands left England to settle in the prosperous Massachussetts Bay colony
d) Thousands left England to settle in Jamestown

The founder of New Hampshire was
a) Thomas Hooker
b) Roger Williams
c) John Wheelwright
d) John Bradford

When Anne Hutchinson was kicked out of Massachussetts she went to
a) Rhode Island
b) Connecticut
c) New Hampshire
d) Pennsylvania

According to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
a) All male property owners could vote
b) Only church members could vote
c) Only investors in the company could vote
d) Men and women could vote

Connecticut was founded by
a) Roger Williams
b) Anne Hutchinson
c) Thomas Hooker
d) John Winthrop

Roger Williams believed Rhode Island should be
a) a city upon a hill
b) a model of religious toleration
c) a government based on biblical law
d) modeled after the Massachusetts Bay Colony

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