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Concrete nouns are physical and abstract nouns...
a) are what we hear
b) are what we smell
c) are what we touch
d) aren't at all

Concrete nouns you can place in a box?
a) true
b) false
c) I don't know!
d) maybe

Which word is an abstract noun?
a) dog
b) child
c) kindness
d) cat

Which word is a concrete noun?
a) calendar
b) year
c) month
d) love

Which word is a abstract noun?
a) dream
b) bed
c) pillow
d) blanket

Which word is a concrete noun?
a) love
b) cabinet
c) kindness
d) experience

Which word is an abstract sentence?
a) Please show kindness and love.
b) Bianca has a cat and a dog.
c) Rashard has a football jersey.
d) Shahid has blue shirts.

Which sentence is a concrete sentence?
a) The calendar says November.
b) My dream was so vivid.
c) Love is everywhere.
d) Carolyn has dresses, skirts, pants and shorts.

Which sentence has a concrete and abstract noun within it?
a) Ervin has three guinea pigs.
b) The calendar has a turkey on it.
c) This year, Kennedy bought two dogs.
d) LyTavia has pink nail polish.

Which series is all concrete nouns?
a) Dog, cat, girl, boy, watch, turkey
b) Love, kindness, peach, dream
c) Dog, cat, dream, year
d) Experience, time, dog, cat

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