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This person in ancient Greece as known for his famous comedy plays
a) Aesop
b) Sapphro
c) Homer
d) Aristophanes

This was the god of the underworld
a) Poseidon
b) Athena
c) Hades
d) Zeus

Leader of the gods
a) Zeus
b) Athena
c) Poseidon
d) Apollo

poet who wrote of gods and heroes
a) Aesop
b) Homer
c) Aristophanes
d) Sappho

Famous lyric poet
a) Homer
b) Draco
c) Hermes
d) Sappho

God of the seas and horses
a) Athena
b) Zeus
c) Dionysus
d) Poseidon

Goddess of wisdom
a) Athena
b) Demeter
c) Hera
d) Artemis

The sun god
a) Artemis
b) Zeus
c) Apollo
d) Hades

Known for his harsh laws
a) Solon
b) Peisistratus
c) Pericles
d) Draco

a story that teaches a lesson
a) mythology
b) fable
c) lyric poem
d) novel

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