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People who have the right to participate in government
a) aristocrats
b) citizens
c) pankration
d) actors

Another name for a Greek city-state
a) town
b) village
c) polis
d) acropolis

What was the prize for winning the Olympics?
a) an olive wreath
b) Zeus' love and admiration
c) wealth
d) candy bar

True or False: Men and women were allowed to participate as actors in the theater.
a) True
b) False

Where was the location of the first Olympic games?
a) Ionia
b) Crete
c) Sparta
d) Olympia

Known as the birthplace of democracy
a) Crete
b) Athens
c) Corinth
d) Troy

No-holds-barred event of the Olympics
a) Pentathlon
b) chariot races
c) pankration
d) wrestling match

The group that debated and voted on Greek laws was known as the
a) assembly
b) Council of 500
c) judges
d) powerful group

The Olympic event made up of 5 individual games
a) foot race
b) pentahalon
c) pankration
d) there was no such event

What was the fortified hill in the center of the city called?
a) polis
b) acropolis
c) agora
d) Parthenon

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