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Publisher, inventor, helped draft the D.O.I, negotiated the Treaty of Paris 1783, and wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac.
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) John Adams
d) George Washington

“Turning point” of the war for the American patriots. France and Spain become allies with the Americans.
a) Battle of Yorktown
b) Battle of Lexington and Concord
c) Battle of Bunker Hill
d) Battle of Saratoga

Colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain and were against the Declaration of Independence
a) Neutrals
b) Patriots
c) Loyalists
d) Independents

King of England who imposed British acts on the American colonists.
a) King Richard III
b) King George III
c) King Phillip II
d) King William II

Written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson and supported separating from England. Contained grievances against the King of England
a) Bill of Rights
b) Mayflower Compact
c) U.S. Constitution
d) Declaration of Independence

Taxation without representation, tax required on all paper documents
a) Quartering Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Intolerable Act
d) Tea Act

British reaction to the Boston Tea Party, port of Boston closed,
a) Intolerable Acts
b) Sugar Act
c) Navigation Act
d) Stamp Act

Which one is NOT and unalienable right?
a) Liberty
b) Pursuit of Happiness
c) Property
d) Life

Nonviolent actions such as boycotts, protests, and refusal to pay taxes are examples of
a) Civil Disobedience
b) Armed Rebellion
c) Propaganda
d) Civic Virtue

Protest led by the Sons of Liberty in which British tea was dumped in Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act
a) Boston Massacre
b) Boston Marathon
c) Boston Revolution
d) Boston Tea Party

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