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Although ________ ________ may be invisible, it can still harm the respiratory system.
a) carbon monoxide
b) chronic bronchitis
c) carbon dioxide
d) air pollution

Regular exercise can help increase your lung_______?
a) tolerence
b) capacity
c) volume
d) growth

Air pollution increases the risk of developing________?
a) lung cancer
b) tolerance
c) addiction
d) respiratory diseases

_________ is a substance that can have a drug-like effect when it is breathed in or sniffed. (glue, nail polish)
a) marijuana
b) cocaine
c) inhalant
d) nicotine

When a person's body begins to need larger amounts of a drug to get the same effect, this person had developed a _______ for that drug.
a) inhalant
b) tolerance
c) addiction
d) disease

The chemical THC that is found in this drug changes how a person feels, thinks, and acts.
a) inhalant
b) cocaine
c) nicotine
d) marijuana

What can cause fluid to collect in the lungs?
a) Cocaine
b) inhalant
c) marijuana
d) tolerance

What are some ways you can resist pressure from others to do drugs?
a) hang out with people who smoke, say yes to drugs
b) exercise and hang out with good people
c) Don't spend time with drug users, Say no to anyone who offers you drugs, You are a child of God so don't harm your body.
d) don't leave your house unless you have to

Inhalants can cause death by slowing down the respiratory system until a person stops _________.
a) coughing
b) breathing
c) crying
d) puking

What things can you do to keep your respiratory system healthy?
a) avoid smoking or drugs, getting aerobic exercise, raise awareness of the need to control air pollution
b) smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol, sniff nail polish, hang out with drug users
c) exercise, spend time with friends, breath is exhaust from a vehicle
d) lift weights to strengthen your lungs, say no to drugs, go running daily

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