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The prefix “milli” means:
a) 1000
b) 100
c) 1/100
d) 1/1000

The prefix “Hecto” means:
a) 1000
b) 100
c) 0.1
d) .01

Which unit is used to measure the mass of a person?
a) meter/second
b) kilogram
c) meter
d) liter

Convert 15220 grams to kilograms.
a) 15220000 kg
b) 15.220 kg
c) .015220 kg
d) 1522000 kg

Convert 1750 mL to L.
a) 17.50 liters
b) 175.0 liters
c) 1.750 liters
d) 1750000 liters

Convert .0032 dag to cg
a) 3.2 cg
b) .32 cg
c) 32 cg
d) .032 cg

The 3rd step of the scientific method is:
a) Research and collect data
b) Observe
c) Experiment/test hypothesis
d) Form a Hypothesis

The 6th step of the scientific method is:
a) Observe
b) Experiment/Test hypothesis
c) Draw conclusion
d) Finalize reports

The SI system is used so:
a) The SI system is used so: a.) scientist can pass information around the world and all units will be the same.
b) people who don’t understand science can still read numbers
c) information is not stolen
d) people don’t have to spend as much money on calculators

The 1st step of the scientific method is:
a) to observe and record data
b) formulate a hypothesis
c) research and collect data
d) ask a question

Which of the following is a subject in the Life Science branch?
a) Botany
b) Chemistry
c) Physics
d) Astronomy

They allow you to study objects too large or small to see close up, refers to:
a) technology
b) systems
c) models
d) none of these

A scientific theory can best be described as
a) describes a process; it states what will happen in the natural world
b) a random guess.
c) an attempt to explain how or why a process takes place in nature.
d) a proven fact that will never be changed

A subject of physical science which studies matter and its changes is:
a) physics
b) geology
c) chemistry
d) ecology

Convert 103 cm to m.
a) 103 m
b) 1.03 m
c) 0.103 m
d) 0.0103 m

Convert 0.0209 hL to dL
a) 2.09 dL
b) 20.9 dL
c) 0.000209 dL
d) 209000 dL

Which unit would measure length?
a) Gram
b) Kilogram
c) Millimeter
d) Deciliter

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