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What is a mestizo?
a) Wealthy, educated, non-elite
b) People of Native American European descent
c) A Spanish born person

Why did the slaves in Haiti want independence?
a) They knew they could benefit from their hard work and Haiti’s natural resources
b) They didn't have enough work to do so they were bored
c) They wanted to get paid

What were the 3 largest empires at this time?
a) Russian, Ottoman, Austrian
b) British, American, Icelandic
c) Brazilian, Arctic, Greenland

Who is Simon Bolivar what inspired him?
a) Stubborn leader who was inspired by westernization
b) A king who was inspired by the Divine Right
c) Revolutionary leader inspired by Enlightenment ideas

What ideologies did the conservatives hold?
a) The Old Order
b) Eat cake
c) The New Order: Everyone is equal

What is nationalism?
a) A strong feeling of pride devotion to ones country
b) Loving another persons country
c) The need to start a revolution

Why is nationalism important during the 1800’s? (In other words, how is it used?)
a) People with the same nationality banded together used nationalism to start and win revolts.
b) They were able to be independent and rely on no one
c) Able to band together to conquer other peoples land

What nationalist group was the first in Europe to try to break away from the Ottoman Empire?
a) Russia
b) Germany
c) Serbia

What type of ideologies do the liberals have?
a) Wanted a monarchy
b) Wanted a constitution
c) Wanted Communism

What helped shape a national identity in the Greek people?
a) The Enlightenment
b) The Divine Right
c) Bloody Battles

Why did Belgian nationalists feel they should be independent of the Dutch?
a) Did not speak same language, had different religions, relied on different types of economy
b) Had too much in common as them
c) Thought the Dutch would try to be an absolute monarch

What is a mulatto?
a) People of African- American European descent
b) People in the 2nd estate
c) A slave

What is a peninsulares?
a) A lawyer
b) A slave
c) Members of the highest social class

What is a Creole?
a) A Spanish born decendant
b) A peasant
c) Descendants that were born in Latin America

Who was the primary leader for Mexican independence who ended up being executed for his beliefs?
a) Georges Danton
b) Father Miguel Hidalgo
c) Oliver Cromwell

Name 3 countries that Simon Bolivar influenced their revolutions?
a) Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador
b) America, Haiti, Austrailia
c) French, Brazil, Brtitian

Which country did Brazil gain their independence from?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Portugal

What did university students in Germany demand?
a) National unity liberal reforms
b) More rules
c) Better food

Who was considered the “Citizen King” that ruled France?
a) Philip ll
b) Louis Philippe
c) Charles ll

What is a radical?
a) Those who favor extreme change
b) People who got rid of Christianization
c) People who helped the king get ready in the mornings

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