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What are the four things that make a mineral a mineral?
a) Solid, Nonliving, Crystal, Made in Nature
b) Made in Nature, Nonliving, Solid, Shapeless
c) Crystal, Nonliving, Solid, Made by man
d) Made in Nature, Liquid, Nonliving, Crystal

The color of a mineral in powder form is
a) density
b) special properties
c) streak
d) hardness

If a rock is magnetic, it has
a) density
b) a special property
c) hardness
d) fracture

What is a solid mixture of a mix of minerals?
a) Element
b) Rock
c) Superminerals
d) Molecule

A silicate mineral must have
a) only oxygen
b) only silicon
c) both oxygen and silicon
d) neither oxygen or silicon

The process of extracting minerals from the ground is called
a) Digging
b) Fielding
c) Mining
d) Prospecting

This is a rock in which you find a valuable mineral
a) Ore
b) Mineral Rock
c) Prospect
d) Richter

Prospecting is when you
a) Try to change land back to the way it was before you mined
b) Try to improve the land
c) Develop better mining techniques
d) Looking for the best place to mine

Reclamation is
a) The process of fixing an area up to make it look the way it did before mining
b) Develop better mining techniques
c) Improve digging
d) Finding the best place to mine

Which form of mining is more damaging to the environment?
a) Surface Mining
b) Deep Mining
c) Middle Mining
d) Low Mining

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