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What type of organisms go through photosynthesis?
a) plants and animals
b) animals
c) plants
d) all organisms on Earth

What organelle does photosynthesis occur in?
a) chlorophyll
b) chloroplast
c) mitochondria
d) vacuole

What does the sun provide for plants?
a) water
b) sunlight
c) carbon dioxide
d) light energy

The part of the plant where photosynthesis occurs
a) leaf
b) stem
c) root
d) all parts of the plant

The tissue that carries water from the root to the leaf is
a) xylem
b) phloem
c) roots
d) stem

The chemical that enables photosynthesis to occur is
a) water
b) glucose
c) chloroplast
d) chlorophyll

The chemical formula for glucose
a) C12H6O6
b) O6H12C6
c) C6H12O6
d) H6O6C12

What are reactants?
a) items made during photosynthesis
b) items needed for photosynthesis
c) chloroplast
d) chlorophyll

Tissues carrying glucose to other parts of the plant
a) phloem
b) stem
c) leaf
d) xylem

The chemical equation for photosynthesis is
a) carbon dioxide + water = sunlight + oxygen + glucose
b) water + carbon dioxide + sunlight = glucose + oxygen
c) oxygen + water + sunlight = glucose + carbon dioxide
d) carbon dioxide + water + light energy = oxygen + glucose

What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) items needed for photosynthesis
b) xylem
c) items made during photosynthesis
d) light energy

Tiny pores on the bottom of a leaf where gases enter and exit the plant are called
a) glucose
b) stomata
c) phloem
d) stigma

Photosynthesis is the process
a) all organisms use to make food
b) plants use to make carbon dioxide
c) plants use to make food
d) none of the above

The reactants needed for photosynthesis to occur are
a) oxygen, glucose, light energy
b) light energy, water, carbon dioxide
c) sunlight, carbon dioxide, water
d) glucose, carbon dioxide, light energy

The products produced during photosynthesis are
a) glucose, oxygen
b) water, light energy
c) oxygen, carbon dioxide
d) glucose, light energy

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