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Who was the leader of the National African Congress?
a) George Bush
b) Nelson Mandela
c) F. W. deKlerk
d) Barack Obama

What is the name of the group that helped end the apartheid system?
a) KNC - Kenya National Congress
b) SANC - South African National Congress
c) NAC - National African Congress
d) ANC - African National Congress

Who was the president that helped end the apartheid system in South Africa?
a) F. W. deKlerk
b) George W. Bush
c) Barack Obama
d) Joseph Kennyatta

What is the name of the multi-national movement to unite all Africans?
a) The Great African Movement
b) National African Congress
c) Pan-Africanism
d) African National Congress

What is another word for different.
a) Corrupt
b) Conservation
c) Ethnic
d) Diversification

What is another word for dishonest?
a) Corrupt
b) Diversification
c) Ethnic
d) Conseervation

What are rights to individual freedoms?
a) Human Freedoms
b) Personal Freedoms
c) Individual Freedoms
d) Group Freedoms

What are people who work to produce goods and services?
a) Capital resources
b) Ethnic Group
c) Human Resources
d) Religious Group

To take care of or protect something is called ______.
a) Conservation
b) Ethnic
c) Corrupt
d) Diversification

A group of people with similar language, culture, or religion are called an _______________.
a) Religious Group
b) Cultural Group
c) Ethnic Group
d) Language Group

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