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A closed path that electric current follows is called a
a) circuit
b) pathway
c) circuitway
d) pump

The properties of materials that affect resistance are
a) thickness, length, and temperature
b) thickness, color, and temperature
c) length, temperature, weight
d) texture, color, viscosity

I = V/R is what formula?
a) Ohm's law
b) Electrical energy
c) Electrical power
d) Electrical work

The tendency to resist the flow of electrons is called
a) resistance
b) conductance
c) wet-cell
d) circuits

The force that causes electric charges to flow is called
a) voltage difference
b) voltage addition
c) voltage division
d) resistance difference

Which is not a type of battery
a) breaker
b) lead-acid
c) dry-cell
d) wet-cell

Electric current is
a) the net movement of elctrons in one direction
b) the random movement of electrons
c) the movement of electrons in multiple directions
d) electrons staying in one place

Which is a source of voltage difference
a) battery
b) conductor
c) insulator
d) resistor

Current flows from
a) high voltage to low voltage
b) low voltage to high voltage
c) high voltage to high voltage
d) low voltage to low voltage

If Jim has wires and a light bulb what does he need to make the current flow
a) battery and closed circuit
b) battery and open circuit
c) voltage source and open circuit
d) another light bulb and closed circuit

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