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Which of the following is not a step in the collection of skeleton fossils?
a) collecting of bones from the site
b) wrapping the bones in plaster for protection
c) crushing the bones with a chisel and hammer
d) soaking the bones in a liquid to dissolve the remaining rock

What could fossilized stomach content teach us about an animal?
a) how old it was
b) what it ate
c) where it lived
d) whether it walked on 2 or 4 feet

Which of the following is not something that fossils can teach us about past environments?
a) fossilized aquatic organisms can tell where water used to be
b) fossilized ferns can tell that an area used to be warm or hot
c) fossilized footprints can tell that an area used to be warm or hot
d) fossilized evergreen leaves can tell that an area used to be cool or cold

What is true about the fossilized teeth of a meat eater
a) They will be flat
b) They will be sharp
c) They will be found in cold areas
d) They will be found with large footprints

Which of the following is not something that can be learned by fossil footprints?
a) Whether the animal was a meat eater or a plant eater
b) Whether the animal walked on 2 or 4 feet
c) Whether the animal was walking or running
d) The age of the animal

What can we learn about petrified wood from it's annual-growth rings?
a) We can learn where it came from
b) We can learn what kind of wood it was
c) We can learn how old it was when it became petrified
d) We can learn if it got struck by lightening

When soft parts of wood and bones becomes replaced by minerals, they can be turned to stone. What is this type of fossil called?
a) imprint
b) petrified
c) amber
d) carbon film

Which statement is true about finding a complete skeleton fossil?
a) finding complete skeleton fossils happens often
b) finding complete skeleton fossils is easy
c) finding complete skeleton fossils never happens
d) finding complete skeleton fossils is rare, and requires hard work

What type of fossil forms when plants or animals decay slowly leaving behind a thin film of the element carbon?
a) film imprint
b) cast film
c) mold film
d) carbon film

What is Rancho La Brea in California famous for?
a) fossils found in ice
b) casts and molds found in the mountains
c) imprints found in the sand
d) bone fossils found in tar pits

Which type of fossil forms when tree sap hardens with an organism inside?
a) imprint
b) cast
c) mold
d) amber

What can happen to an organism that would preserve it whole?
a) it can become stuck in tar pits
b) it can become frozen
c) it can leave a mold
d) it can become a tree

What causes an organism to dissolve and leave behind a mold?
a) wind blows the organism away
b) pressure crushes the organism
c) water seeps into the ground and dissolves the organism
d) the organism shrinks over time into nothing

What type of fossil is a hollow hole often left behind by shells?
a) imprint
b) cast
c) mold
d) amber

What type of fossil forms when minerals fill a mold and form a rock copy of what used to be there?
a) imprint
b) cast
c) mold
d) amber

Which type of rock are most fossils found in?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic
d) mineralistic

What type of fossil is a shallow print formed by pressing?
a) imprint
b) cast
c) mold
d) amber

What do fossils teach scienctists about?
a) the future
b) the present
c) the past
d) the solar system

Which part of a dead plant/animal is most likely to become a fossil
a) the entire thing
b) the hard parts such as bones, teeth, and shells
c) the soft parts such as skin, and internal organs
d) the colorful parts

Which of the following is not true about a fossil display in a museum?
a) all of the bones in an exhibit are usually real fossils
b) models may be made to show what an extinct animal probably looked like
c) casts are used in exhibits, not the real fossils
d) some fossils are stored for further study, instead of displayed in museums

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