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What does the word piedmont mean?
a) big mountains
b) foot of the mountain
c) big city
d) glacial pond

Where is the Central Corridor/Piedmont?
a) Southern NJ
b) Western NJ
c) Southwestern NJ
d) Northern NJ

The Central Corridor/Piedmont lies on a large, high, level area of land. What is this type of landform called?
a) a valley
b) a plain
c) a plateau
d) a mountain

The Central Corridor is mostly flat,but has some higher elevated areas including:
a) the Jersey Shore beaches
b) the Kittatinny Mountains
c) High Point State Park
d) the Watchung Mountains and the Palisades

What are the Palisades?
a) tall cliffs on the shores of the Hudson River
b) flat beaches on the eastern shore
c) the highest mountains in NJ
d) large rivers flowing through the state

Which of the following is not one of the large rivers in the Central Corridor/Piedmont?
a) Passaic River
b) Hackensack River
c) Raritan River
d) Princeton River

Which river is the longest river in NJ's borders?
a) Passaic River
b) Hackensack River
c) Raritan River
d) Princeton River

Which of the following features are found in urban areas
a) tall buildings, factories, and crowds of people
b) large yards, large houses, and driveways
c) open fields, farms, and large lakes
d) beaches, oceans, and not many people

What is a suburb?
a) smaller communities that usually surround urban areas
b) large cities that are next to rural areas
c) farms
d) apartments in urban areas

Which word means - to travel regularly over a distance, to and from work?
a) urban
b) suburb
c) plateau
d) commute

Which historic town in NJ is a suburb of Trenton?
a) Paterson
b) Jersey City
c) Princeton
d) Camden

Which famous president was a resident of Princeton?
a) George Washington
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Abraham Lincoln

In which region of NJ do most people live?
a) Atlantic Coastal Plain
b) Central Corridor/Piedmont
c) Appalachian Ridge and Valley
d) Highlands

Which NJ city was the first planned industrial city in the USA?
a) Paterson
b) Jersey City
c) Elizabeth
d) Trenton

Which legendary jazz singer was born in the city of Newark, NJ?
a) Miley Cirus
b) Sarah Vaughan
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Justin Beiber

What kind of city did Elizabeth turn into over time?
a) a rural city
b) an artistic city
c) a farming city
d) an industrial city

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