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What word describes the noisy way the Frogchild and Snakeson played together?
a) burrow
b) coils
c) slick
d) romp

What point of view was this story written in?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

What was the author's purpose for writing this story?
a) inform
b) entertain
c) persuade
d) confuse

What word describes the rings that a snake can wrap itself into?
a) burrow
b) coils
c) gnaws
d) slick

What kind of story is this?
a) Indian folk tale
b) Biography
c) Mystery
d) African folk tale

What does the author say frogs and snakes sit around remembering?
a) the fun they had together that one day
b) how much they hate each other
c) what their mother's told them
d) how much they like to catch bugs

What is one similarity that Frogchild and Snakeson find about each other?
a) They both live in a burrow
b) They both catch bugs with their tongues
c) They both have the same name
d) They both have 4 legs

Which words means - to hold onto tightly?
a) admiration
b) gnaw
c) clasped
d) burrow

What does Snakeson learn from Frogchild?
a) the Snake-slither
b) the Frog-hop
c) the Frog-slide
d) the Frog-grab

What does Frogchild learn from Snakeson?
a) the Frog-hop
b) the Snake-hop
c) the Snake-attack
d) the Snake-slither

What does Mama Snake tell Snakeson about his new friend Frogchild?
a) It is a family tradition for snakes to eat frogs
b) Frogchild will eat Snakeson
c) Snakeson should learn more about hopping from Frogchild
d) Frogs are sneaky animals

What does Mama Frog tell Frogchild about his new friend Snakeson?
a) It is a family tradition for frogs to eat snakes
b) Snakeson will steal from Frogchild
c) Snakeson will eat Frogchild
d) Snakeson sounds like a great friend

Where do Snakeson and Mama Snake live?
a) a burrow underground
b) a rock home by the pond
c) a bush by the woods
d) a cottage near the mountains

Where do Frogchild and Mama Frog live?
a) a burrow underground
b) a bush by the woods
c) a rock home by the pond
d) a cottage next to a mountain

Which word means - to feel respect or approval?
a) burrow
b) gnaw
c) romp
d) admiration

What is snake taught to fear?
a) peckorbites
b) clawsangnaws
c) biteorscratches
d) snatchangrabs

What is the snake called by his mama?
a) Snakechild
b) Snakebaby
c) Little Snake
d) Snakeson

What is Frogchild warned to stay away from?
a) peckorbites
b) clawsanbites
c) clawsangnaws
d) biganbads

What does the frog's mama call him?
a) Frogson
b) Frogchild
c) Froggy
d) Baby Frog

What word describes how Snakeson's skin felt?
a) slick
b) gnaws
c) admiration
d) coils

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