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Which leader took the title of First Consul of France
a) Napoleon Bonaparte
b) Jean Jacques Rousseau
c) Marie Antoinette
d) Louis Capet

What were some of Napoleon's accomplishments as emperor/consul?
a) Standardized set of laws, ended government corruption
b) fixed the economy, created a new banking and tax system
c) equal public education
d) All of the above

Which WASN'T part of Napoleon's downfall
a) The Continental System
b) The Invasion of Russia
c) The Invasion of France
d) The Peninsular War

Which government did Napoleon overthrow to become ruler of France?
a) National Assembly
b) Legislative Assembly
c) The Directory
d) None of the above

What WASN'T true about the French Revolution
a) Caused by unequal taxes
b) Started the American Revolution and the Enlightenment
c) Influenced by the American Revolution and Enlightenment
d) Started with the storming of the Bastille

The lawmaking body of France which was called to meet in 1789 about solving France's debt
a) Estates
b) Parlliament
c) Congress
d) Estates General

Weak and extravagant leader of France during the Revolution, he and his wife were killed by the Guillotine.
a) King Charles I
b) Napoleon Bonaparte
c) Maxamillien Robespierre
d) King Louis XVI

Napoleon's Final Exile. He died here.
a) Elba
b) Waterloo
c) St. Helena
d) Versailles

Napoleon's final battle during his Hundred Days.
a) Elba
b) St. Helena
c) Versailles
d) Waterloo

Which government of France limited the power of the King by becoming a constitutional monarchy in France in 1791
a) Legislative Assembly
b) National Assembly
c) National Convention
d) Directory

This government voted to make France a Republic in 1792
a) National Convention
b) National Assembly
c) Legislative Assembly
d) Directory

Napoleon's first place of exile
a) St. Helena
b) Waterloo
c) Versailles
d) Elba

The _______ of Terror was the time period under Robespierre's Rule when over 20,000 nobles were beheaded in France.
a) Time
b) Rain
c) Period
d) Reign

Napoleon's final battle during his Hundred Days.
a) Elba
b) Waterloo
c) St. Helena
d) Versailles

The Third Estate's constitution for France
a) Basketball Oath
b) Racquetball Oath
c) Tennis Court Oath
d) Baseball Diamond Oath

This estate consisted of the majority of France's population. They had to pay to hunt on nobles' lands. They were always outvoted by the clergy and nobility. They also couldn't become military officers.
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

This estate made up 1% of France's population. It consisted of the clergy.
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

This estate made up 2% of France's population and consisted of the princes and other nobles.
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

Which country WASN'T Part of the French Empire
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) Russia
d) Germany

What were some of the effects after the Napoleonic Wars?
a) The development and Spread of European Nationalism and Revolutions
b) The spread of Enlightenment ideas and government
c) France returned to a monarchy and still had issues with social classes
d) All of the above

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