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Define ecology
a) the study of fossils
b) the study of nature
c) the study of ecosystems
d) the study of plants

How many chromosomes are found in a mature diploid cell
a) 2
b) 46
c) 23
d) 4

The organic molecle that that act as a blue print for protein synthesis
a) mRNA
b) DNA
c) tRNA
d) rRNA

Which of the following is a base found only on the RNA and not on the DNA?
a) guanine
b) cytocine
c) adenine
d) uracil

What is the minimum number of amino acids needed to have a complete protein molecule?
a) atleast 2
b) more than 1
c) 50
d) anything above 1

What is trisomy 21?
a) sickle celled anaemia
b) down's syndrome
c) polyploidy
d) karyotype

A haploid cell has how chromatids?
a) 46
b) 23
c) 92
d) none of the above

The coding of the mRNA by the DNA takes place in the..
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleolus
c) nucleus
d) ribosome

The father of genetics
a) Watson
b) Charles Darwin
c) G. Mendel
d) Gallelio

A point of crossing-over on the bivalent pair
a) centromere
b) chiasmata
c) centreole
d) chromatid

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