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My sister Tina home because she ...just two years old.(stay/be)
a) stays/is
b) stay/is
c) do stay/are
d) stay/are

My two school in the morning.(go)
a) go
b) goes
c) does go
d) do go

She...the X-ray investigations.(do)
a) does
b) do
c) dos
d) does do

My a bank, but my a bank , she a hospital .(work/notwork/work)
a) works/doesn't work/works
b) work/doesn't work/works
c) works/doesn't work/work
d) works/don't work/works a big house.(live)
a) live
b) lives
c) do live
d) don't live a big family.(have)
a) have
b) has
c) have got
d) haves

I...ten years old and I ...from England.(be/come)
a) am/come
b) have/come
c) am/comes
d) is/comes

My name ...Sally .( be)
a) is
b) be
c) are
d) am a pet dog.(have)
a) have
b) do have
c) does have
d) has

We all...him very much.(love)
a) love
b) do love
c) loves
d) dose love

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