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Glencoe Physicial Science With Earth Science Ch 13 Section 3 Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In the formula for electrical energy what unit should be used for the value of time
a) Minutes
b) Seconds
c) Hours
d) It doesn't matter

What unit is typically used to measure electrical energy?
a) kilowatt-hour
b) watt-hour
c) watt-minute
d) kilowatt-minute

The formula for calculating electrical power is?
a) electrical energy x time
b) current x voltage difference
c) resistance x voltage
d) electrical energy / time

The formula for calculating electrical energy is?
a) power x time
b) resistance x time
c) current / time
d) power / time

Pick the best answer for what is used to prevent the overheating of electrical wires.
a) fuses or circuit breakers
b) fuses
c) series circuits
d) air conditioning

In this type of circuit, if one object turns off the other onjects may still stay on
a) parallel
b) series
c) convoluted
d) breaker

In a series circuit what happens to the bulb's brightness when extra bulbs are added?
a) gets dimmer
b) gets brighter
c) stays the same
d) the lights turn off

In a parallel circuit what happens to the bulb's brightness when more bulbs are added
a) stays the same
b) gets brighter
c) gets dimmer
d) the lights turn off

A circuit typically contains
a) a voltage source, conductors, and an object that uses electrical energy
b) insulators, conductors, and tape
c) a voltage source, an electrical energy producer, and lightbulbs
d) a voltage source, insulators, and an object that makes electrical energy

How much power does a hair dryer use if it has a current of 10 A and is plugged into a 240 V outlet?
a) 2400 W or 2.4 kW
b) 24 W or .024 kW
c) 2.4 W or 2400 kW
d) .024 kW or 24 kW

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