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Which of the following statements would Otto von Bismarck probably NOT agree with?
a) A ruler should never violate the constitution of his or her country.
b) It is the destiny of the weak to be devoured by the strong.
c) Military force should be used to achieve political gain.
d) Manufacturing political incidents is acceptable if it achieves a worthy goal.

Which of the following was a factor in the rise of the realism movement?
a) industrialism and technological advancement
b) idealistic nationalism
c) heroes and heroic actions
d) perceptions of the human eye

Which of the following was a reaction against realism?
a) a Renoir painting
b) a Talbot daguerreotype
c) a Balzac story
d) a Dickens novel

Which of the following was NOT a major component of romanticism?
a) the promotion of established ideas
b) the value of common people
c) the glorification of heroes and heroic actions
d) the love of nature's untamed beauty

Which of the following was NOT strongly influenced by economic problems?
a) the declaration of war by France on Prussia
b) the independence movement of Latin America
c) the election of Louis-Napoleon
d) the peasant revolt in Italy

Which of the following was probably NOT influenced by nationalism during the 1800s?
a) groups accepting a long-established form of government
b) an empire granting long-needed social reforms
c) an empire that crumbles into independent states
d) groups uniting against an oppressive monarchy

Which of the following was the leader of the Red Shirts?
a) Giuseppe Garibaldi
b) Otto von Bismarck
c) Camillo di Cavour
d) King William I

Which of the following was true about nationalism?
a) All of these are true.
b) One's greatest loyalty should not be to a king.
c) The nation of people should have a common culture.
d) One's greatest loyalty should be to a nation of people

Who originated the political style known as realpolitik?
a) Otto von Bismarck
b) King Victor Emmanuel II
c) Giuseppe Garibaldi
d) Camillo di Cavour

Who led his forces against the Spanish Army at the Battle of Ayacucho, the last major battle in the Spanish colonies' war for independence?
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Miguel Hidalgo
c) Jose de San Martin
d) Jose Maria de Morales

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