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Which event did Otto von Bismarck use to gain support from Germans in the south?
a) the Franco-Prussian War
b) formation of the German Confederation
c) the Seven Weeks' War
d) defeat of the Junkers

Which of the following artistic styles would be used to ACCURATELY depict the oppressive working conditions of Latin Americans under Spanish control?
a) realism
b) romanticism
c) impressionism
d) Gothic horror

Which of the following descriptions is accurate for Goethe, Chopin, Coleridge, and Constable?
a) romantic
b) realist
c) painter
d) writer

Which of the following ideas is associated with romanticism?
a) wild emotions and feelings
b) mass distribution of books
c) impressions of the moment
d) political importance of the working class

Which of the following is a characteristic of impressionism?
a) creation of mental pictures
b) reformist ideas
c) folk traditions
d) realist views of life

Which of the following is largely identified with the artistic movement known as romanticism?
a) the Gothic novel
b) chamber music
c) the daguerreotype
d) the scientific method

Which of the following issued the Edict of Emancipation?
a) Alexander II
b) Alexander III
c) the Decembrists
d) Nicholas I

Which of the following led to the formation of the Second Reich?
a) ruthless leadership
b) friendly diplomatic relations with France
c) the power of the German parliament
d) all of these

Which of the following men led a revolt of enslaved Africans in Saint Domingue?
a) Toussaint L'Ouverture
b) Giuseppe Garibaldi
c) José Maria Morelos
d) José de san Martín

Which of the following people would most likely have been a radical in the 1800s?
a) a poor student who has read extensively about democracy
b) a wealthy business man who wants to give his country's parliament more power
c) a prosperous land owner who owns less than 10,000 acres
d) a nobleman who is related to his country's king

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