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Nationalism was a force that
a) did all of these things.
b) tore apart centuries-old empires.
c) gave rise to the nation-state.
d) was opposed by conservatives.

One of romanticism's first composers was
a) Ludwig van Beethoven
b) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
c) Johann Sebastian Bach
d) Joseph Turner

Rome became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy after the conquest of
a) the Papal States.
b) Lombardy.
c) Piedmont-Sardinia.
d) Venetia.

The independence movement in Latin America was spearheaded by
a) the Creoles.
b) the mulattos.
c) the Spanish.
d) the peninsulares.

The independence movement in Mexico was led, in part, by
a) Miguel Hidalgo.
b) Simón Bolívar.
c) Toussaint L'Ouverture.
d) Dom Pedro.

The ruler of the new, unified German empire was given the title of
a) kaiser.
b) czar.
c) Junker.
d) reich.

The uprisings in 1848 resulted in
a) the resignation of Metternich.
b) the liberation of Greece.
c) the emancipation of Russian serfs.
d) the victory of liberals throughout Europe.

What was the goal of impressionist artists and composers?
a) to illustrate a moment in time
b) to show the ugly conditions created by industrialization
c) to glorify national heroes
d) to protest the growing wealth of the middle class

Which country suffered the most lost territory as a result of the unification of Italy?
a) Austria
b) France
c) Russia
d) Prussia

Which elected ruler of France declared himself emperor?
a) Louis-Napoleon
b) Louis Blanc
c) Louis-Philippe
d) Alphonse de Lamartine

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