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A substance that has a HIGH specific heat
a) Will have a high boiling point
b) Will have a low boiling point
c) Will heat up quickly
d) Will heat up slowly

A substance with a LOW specific heat
a) Requires a lot of energy to heat up
b) Requires little energy to heat up
c) Will have a high melting point
d) Will have a low melting point

Volume =15, Mass= 30, Density=....
a) 2
b) 15
c) 45
d) 100

Which of these is correct?
a) SOLVENT dissolves in SOLUTE to make a SOLUTION
b) SOLVENT dissolves in SOLUTION to make a SOLUTE
c) SOLUTE dissolves in SOLVENT to make a SOLUTION
d) SOLUTION Adissolves in SOLUTE to make a SOLVENT

A solution is SATURATED when...
a) No more solute can dissolve in it
b) it is being heated up
c) it is being cooled down
d) You have no solute in it yet

a) Will react with bases
b) Will react with anything
c) Are always very dangerous
d) Have a pH of 7

a) Usually taste sharp and sour
b) Have pH values above 7
c) Are rarely used by people
d) Are neutral, like water

a) Happens quickly for all substances
b) Is a physical change
c) Requires oxygen to be present
d) Always has flames

Elements with higher REACTIVITY...
a) Are higher on the periodic table
b) Are lower on the periodic table
c) Have to move more valence electrons to react
d) Have to move less valence electrons to react

Density= 10, Volume= 2, Mass=...
a) 5
b) 8
c) 12
d) 20

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