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Makes up the gases that surround Earth
a) atmosphere
b) biosphere
c) geosphere
d) hydrosphere

The Ozone layer is found in the
a) troposphere
b) mesosphere
c) stratosphere
d) geosphere

Undesired change in air, water, soil, etc
a) pollution
b) population
c) garbage
d) greenhouse effect

Waste that can be broken down naturally
a) nonbiodegradable pollution
b) biodegrable pollution
c) renewable resource
d) nonrenewable resource

The number and variety of species in a specific area
a) population diversity
b) species diversity
c) biodiversity
d) ecosystem

Fossil fuels, metal, coal are all
a) biodegrable pollution
b) nonbiodegradable pollution
c) nonrenewable resource
d) renewable resource

Which of the following describes a population that is distributed evenly accross an area?
a) random
b) clumped
c) uniform
d) crowded

Harmful waste that cannot be broken down by natural processes
a) nonbiodegrable
b) biodegradable
c) nonrenewable resource
d) renewable resource

When there is more immigration than emigration the population
a) shrinks
b) grows
c) stays the same
d) goes extinct

The amount of species in a given area
a) population size
b) population density
c) population distribution
d) both population size and density

Growth that does not have carrying capacity
a) exponential growth
b) logistic growth
c) limiting factor
d) population size

Factors that are not effected by population density
a) density independent factors
b) density dependent factors
c) limiting factor
d) logistic growth

Resources that cause a population to reach its carrying capacity
a) density dependent factors
b) density independent factors
c) limiting factor
d) all of the answer choices are correct

Dirt is an example of
a) abiotic factor
b) biotic factor
c) resource
d) both a resource and an abiotic factor

The largest population size that an environment can successfully support
a) limiting factor
b) carrying capacity
c) maximum population
d) no questions are correct

A plate boundary that slips and slides against one another usually causing earthquakes
a) convergent plate boundary
b) divergent plate boundary
c) transform plate boundary
d) tectonic plates

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