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What are chromatids?
a) identical strands of chromosomes
b) pigments that absorb the energy in sunlight
c) doubled rods of condensed chromatin
d) none of the above

What forms around the chromatids during mitosis?
a) two new chromosomes
b) two new cells
c) two new nuclei
d) two new cell walls

Mitosis is the stage of the cell cycle during which
a) the cell's DNA is replicated.
b) the cell's nucleus divides into two new nuclei.
c) the cell's cytoplasm divides.
d) the cell has finished dividing.

The energy-releasing process that does not require oxygen is called
a) respiration.
b) fermentation.
c) photosynthesis.
d) cytokinesis.

What happens during respiration?
a) Water and carbon dioxide are converted into energy.
b) Oxygen is released into the air.
c) Glucose is broken down, releasing energy.
d) The cytoplasm divides forming two new daughter cells.

An organism that has two identical alleles for a trait is
a) recessive.
b) codominant.
c) heterozygous.
d) homozygous.

Which of these traits is controlled by a gene with multiple alleles?
a) straight hairline
b) blood type
c) smile dimples
d) none of the above

What controls variations in skin color among humans?
a) many genes
b) multiple alleles of a single gene
c) two alleles of a single trait
d) four alleles of a single trait

During DNA replication, adenine always paris with
a) uracil.
b) guanine.
c) adenine.
d) thymine.

What determines the genetic code?
a) the number of guanine and cytosine bases in a chromosome
b) the number of nitrogen bases in a DNA molecule
c) the order of nitrogen bases along a gene
d) none of the above

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