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What is the general formula for cycloalkanes?
a) CnH2n
b) CnH2n+2
c) CnH2n-2
d) CnHn

In cycloalkanes, each carbon atom bonds to how many other carbon atoms?
a) 2
b) 1
c) 3
d) 4

Cycloalkanes can have shapes that are
a) all of these.
b) planar.
c) three-dimensional
d) circular.

Unsaturated hydrocarbons that have one carbon-carbon double bond are called
a) alkenes.
b) alkanes.
c) alkynes.
d) any of these.

What is the general formula for alkynes?
a) CnH2n-2
b) CnHn
c) CnH2n+2
d) CnH2n

Which of the following is an important unsaturated cyclic hydrocarbon with two resonance structures, neither of which accurately describes its bonds?
a) benzene
b) cyclohexane
c) cycloethane
d) morphine

Which of the following is a class of large organic compounds made of repeating units?
a) polymers
b) polyalkanes
c) chains
d) clusters

Proteins are long chains in which the repeating units are
a) amino acids
b) ethanoic acids.
c) ethylene bases.
d) styrene bases.

Synthetic carbon compounds that decompose over time are labeled
a) biodegradable.
b) recyclable.
c) self-restoring.
d) nonrenewable.

A proactice that can extend the availability of natural resources for future generations is
a) the recycling of synthetic compounds.
b) the use of nonbiodegradable products.
c) wider use of petroleum products.
d) all of these.

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