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Which of the following states of matter has a definite volume but no definite shape?
a) Liquid
b) Solid
c) Gas
d) Plasma

Which state of matter has no definite volume and no definite shape?
a) Gas
b) Liquid
c) Solid
d) Plasma

Which of the following states of matter has a definite volume and a definite shape?
a) Solid
b) LIquid
c) Gas
d) Plasma

All of the following may indicate a chemical change EXCEPT:
a) A change in state
b) Heat
c) Light
d) Production of gas bubbles

One example of a chemical change is
a) Burning wood
b) distilling salt from water
c) boiling water
d) crushing a can

One example of a physical change is
a) Dissolving salt in water
b) burning paper
c) baking cookies
d) Heating table sugar

If the mass of a cube were 48 g and the volume is 24 cm3, what would its density be?
a) 2 g/cm3
b) .5 g/cm3
c) 4 g/cm3
d) 6 g/cm3

Which is the correct formula for density?
a) Mass divided by volume
b) Volume divided by mass
c) Mass times weight
d) Volume times mass

Why is it easier to float on the Great Salt Lake than on a fresh water lake? Your body is
a) less dense than the lake water
b) more dense than the lake water
c) the same density as the lake water
d) warmer than the lake water

What happens to the molecules of a substance as heat is added?
a) They speed up and move more freely
b) They compact and move less
c) Their motion does not change
d) The atoms split to form new substances

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