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Which would you use to determine the mass of an object?
a) Triple beam balance
b) Bathroom scale
c) Graduated Cylinder
d) Meter Stick

How much time did it take to develop an understanding of atomic structure?
a) Several hundred years as many scientists worked on it
b) Fifty years when a scientist created it as a special project
c) Several weeks of time at a university department of physics
d) One to two years in a government project

Ancient people thought that matter was made of Earth, Water, WInd, and Fire. What do we now know matter is made of?
a) Atoms
b) Air
c) Electricity
d) Nothing

Which of the following is the best model of molecules in a gas?
a) Marbles being shaken in a box
b) Marbles glued together in a ball
c) Marbles frozen in a box
d) Marbles in a box

What do scientists call a substance that is made of two or more atoms bonded together?
a) Molecule
b) Electron
c) Atom
d) Proton

What is a pure lump of the element gold made of?
a) gold and air atoms
b) atoms of gold
c) compounds of gold
d) gold cells

Democritus, an ancient Greek philosopher, predicted that when matter was broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, you would come to a particle that could not be made smaller. What was he describing?
a) An atom
b) A cell
c) A virus
d) A mineral

What do scientists call the smallest unit of matter that has its own recognizable identity?
a) Atom
b) Compounds
c) Electron
d) Molecule

Which of the following would you use to find the volume of a rectangular cube?
a) Meter Stick
b) Graduated Cylinder
c) Bathroom Scale
d) Triple Beam Balance

A rock is dropped into a graduated cylinder containing 40 mL of water. The new volume is 47 mL. What is the volume of the rock?
a) 7 mL
b) 4 mL
c) 47 mL
d) 87 mL

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