8th Grade Ch. 6 Earthquakes Question Preview (ID: 21660)

Earthquakes.[print questions]

What is the point on the Earth's surface above the center of earthquake activity?
a) focus
b) strike
c) epicenter
d) dip

What is the fastest body wave?
a) S Wave
b) P Wave
c) Rayleigh Wave
d) Love Wave

What is the energy of an earthquake?
a) intensity
b) magnitude
c) seismic waves
d) seismogram

What is the center of earthquake activity?
a) epicenter
b) strike
c) dip
d) focus

Another name for a transform fault
a) dip-slip fault
b) normal fault
c) strike-slip fault
d) reverse fault

The last waves to reach seismographs are the
a) Surface waves
b) P waves
c) S waves
d) Body waves

How many seismic stations are needed to pinpoint an earthquake?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 1

What type of stress is most significant in causing earthquakes ?
a) tension
b) compression
c) shear
d) gravity

What is a special geologist called who studies the earth’s movements and the structure of its interior?
a) petrologist
b) astronomer
c) marine geologist
d) seismologist

What is a series of low-frequency shock waves traveling through the earth.
a) tsunami
b) earthquake
c) volcano
d) sound

What type of fault do most secular geologists believe could explain how “older” fossils were placed above the “younger” fossils (which would normally be on top)?
a) contact
b) overthrust
c) strike-slip
d) superposition

Rayleigh waves and Love waves are both examples of
a) P waves
b) S waves
c) surface waves
d) tremor waves

An ocean wave caused by an earthquake is called a(n)
a) breaker
b) L wave
c) tidal wave
d) tsunami

Secondary, smaller earthquakes that result from a major earthquake are called
a) aftershocks
b) strike slips
c) dip slips
d) epicenter

Most faults in the United States are found in
a) coastal plains
b) inland prairies
c) mountain ranges
d) southwestern deserts

What is the difference between a fault and a joint?
a) faults are bigger than a joint
b) faults occur on land while joints are found beneath the ocean
c) faults have visible movement of rocks but joints do not
d) faults can't cause earthquakes but joints can

What is an example of tension?
a) the force of a tumbling rock
b) the force of a rock climber on the rope he goes down
c) the sliding of two layers of rock
d) the rolling of a rock in a river

What is the body wave that doesn't travel through the Earth's core?
a) P wave
b) S wave
c) Rayleigh wave
d) Love wave

What fault occurs when the block above the fault surface dropped in relation to the block under the fault?
a) normal
b) reverse
c) thrust
d) transform

What fault occurs when the upper block rises in relation to the lower block?
a) normal
b) reverse
c) thrust
d) transform

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