Hydrocarbons Chapter 25 Question Preview (ID: 2166)

Hydrocarbons Chapter 25.

Which is not an important property of hydrocarbons?
a) very soluble in water
b) low melting points
c) low densities
d) poor conductors of electricity

Natural gas, used for heating and generating electricity, consists mostly of the hydrocarbon
a) methane.
b) propane
c) butane.
d) octane.

Which of the following is not true of a structural formula for a hydrocarbon?
a) It shows a three-dimensional picture.
b) It shows the locations of atoms.
c) It shows the locations of individual bonds
d) It shows single, double, and triple bonds.

Alkanes are distinguished from other hydrocarbons because they have
a) only single carbon-carbon bonds
b) both double and triple carbon-carbon bonds.
c) one triple carbon-carbon bond.
d) one double carbon-carbon bond.

What is the general formula for alkanes?
a) CnH2n+2
b) CnHn
c) CnH2n-2
d) CnH2n

Alkanes are referred to as saturated hydrocarbons because they are
a) filled to capacity with hydrogen atoms.
b) able to form branced structures.
c) filled with double and/or triple bonds.
d) soluble in water and in other liquids.

To find the IUPAC name for a abranced alkane, the first step is to identify the
a) longest continuous chain of carbon atoms.
b) total number of carbon atoms.
c) number of branches of carbon atoms.
d) total number of hydrogen atoms.

Alkanes with the same structural formula can have a variety of arrangements because of the
a) possible rotation about the carbon-carbon bond.
b) sharing of electrons between the carbon atoms.
c) breaking a reforming of carbon-carbon bonds.
d) changing strength of the carbon-hydrogen bond.

Structures of the same compositions that differ only by bond rotations are referred to as
a) conformations.
b) transitions.
c) variants.
d) transformations.

Molecules with the same molecular formula but whose atoms bond in different orders are called structural
a) isomers.
b) variants.
c) relatives.
d) metaphors.

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