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What nutrients are lost when meat is cooked too long?
a) iron and water
b) protein and vitamin B12
c) thiamin and vitamin B6
d) Vitamin C and phosphorous

What are proteins made of?
a) fiber
b) starch
c) fatty acids
d) amino acids

Energy from food is measured in units called
a) calories
b) nutrients
c) fatty acids
d) amino acids

What substances found in food promotes digestive health and regularity?
a) fat
b) fiber
c) sugar
d) starch

Baked potatoes, cereal and honey are good sources of
a) fat
b) protein
c) mineral
d) carbohydrates

What is the only source of energy for the brain and nervous system?
a) fiber
b) protein
c) glucose
d) insulin

Which organ produces insulin?
a) liver
b) kidney
c) pancreas
d) gall bladder

Where in the body is cholesterol made
a) heart
b) liver
c) kidney
d) pancreas

Sunflower, soybean and fish oils are sources of which type of fat?
a) saturated
b) cholesterol
c) monounsaturated
d) polyunsaturated

Proteins provide the building blocks in the form of
a) fiber
b) starch
c) fatty acids
d) amino acids

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