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Sodium and ______________________ are needed for maintaining the body's water balance.
a) zinc
b) iron
c) calcium
d) potassium

Which mineral is essential for replenishing red blood cells?
a) zinc
b) iron
c) iodine
d) phosphorus

What percentage of the human body is water by weight?
a) 35 to 40
b) 45 to 55
c) 55 to 65
d) 65 to 75

The process of breaking down food into its simplest parts so that it can be absorbed is called
a) oxidation
b) digestion
c) evaporation
d) hydrogenation

The daily nutrient standards established by the U.S. government are called
a) adequate intakes
b) the Food Guide Pyramid
c) Dietary Guidelines for Americans
d) Recommended Dietary Allowances

Which type of vegetarian consumes vegetarian items plus dairy products and eggs?
a) vegan
b) ovo
c) lacto
d) lacto-ovo

What condition occurs when the body does not get enough nutrients?
a) anemia
b) anorexia
c) diabetes
d) malnutrition

What is the condition in which the body cannot regulate blood sugar properly?
a) anemia
b) anorexia
c) diabetes
d) malnutrition

What is the proper storage temperature range for a storeroom?
a) 10F to 30F
b) 30F to 50F
c) 50F to 70F
d) 70F to 90F

Chemicals that kill insects and other plant pests are called
a) hormones
b) antibiotics
c) pesticides
d) herbicides

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