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This is a stately court dance which often served as the first in a set.
a) Allemande
b) Madrigal
c) Pavana
d) Disco

This dance was typically performed in a circle and outdoors.
a) ronde
b) pavane
c) ballet
d) chanson

This was a lively Italian dance.
a) galliard
b) saltarello
c) pavane
d) proper

This dance was a German dance in duple time.
a) rondeau
b) motet
c) pavane
d) allemande

Who was the leading composer of instrumental ensemble music in the late Renaissance?
a) Josquin des Prez
b) Giovanni Gabrieli
c) Thomas Weelkes
d) Johann Sebastian Bach

Waht genre were Morley, Weelkes, and Farmer most known for?
a) The English Madrigal
b) The Italian Madrigal
c) The French Chanson
d) The Catholic Mass

This was the most important secular genre of the Renaissance era
a) pavane
b) motet
c) mass
d) madrigal

This is an expressive device that makes the music directly reflect the meaning of the words.
a) embellishment
b) word painting
c) vernacular
d) polyrhythm

What is the vernacular?
a) words reflecting the music
b) language of the people
c) combined rhythms
d) music set to poetry

This is vocal music with no instrumental accompaniment.
a) a cappella
b) vernacular
c) word painting
d) antiphonal

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