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Which type of bonding arrangement between carbon atoms is found in diamonds?
a) tetrahedral shaped
b) an unpredictable arrangement
c) globe shaped
d) sheets or layers

Allotropic forms of carbon include all of the following except
a) alkanes.
b) fullerenes.
c) graphite.
d) diamond.

Which of the allotropic forms of carbon is frequently used as a lubricant?
a) graphite
b) fullerenes
c) diamond
d) alkanes

How many bonds can a carbon atom form?
a) four
b) three
c) one
d) two

Forms of the same element that have different bonding arrangements and properties are called
a) allotropes.
b) fullerenes.
c) isomers.
d) polymers.

The number of valence electrons in a neutral carbon atom is
a) four.
b) two.
c) six.
d) eight.

The first organic compound produced in the laboratory in 1828 was
a) urea
b) DNA.
c) a carbohydrate.
d) a sugar.

Organic chemistry is now defined as the study of
a) carbon compounds.
b) compounds made in living organisms.
c) synthetic compounds.
d) natural compounds.

Hydrocarbons are most widely known for their use as
a) fuels.
b) preservatives.
c) drugs.
d) antibiotics.

Because hydrogen and carbon have similar electronegativities, hydrocarbon molecules are classified as mostly
a) nonpolar.
b) ionic.
c) polar.
d) metallic.

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