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What pulley system does not give an advantage by reducing effort?
a) Single-Fixed
b) Single-Movable
c) Single-Fixed/Single-Movable that you pull down on.
d) Single-Fixed/Single-Movable that you pull up on.

Since the load on a nutcracker is found in the middle, it is a class-? lever.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What happens to the amount of effort required to lift a load on a lever when you move the effort closer to the fulcrum?
a) You need less effort.
b) You need the same amount of effort.
c) You need more effort.
d) Nothing changes.

A single-fixed pulley is useful, because...
a) it gives you a mechanical advantage.
b) it lessens the effort required to lift a load.
c) it gives you a directional advantage.
d) it increases the effort required to lift a load.

A single-movable pulley system can pose a challenge, because...
a) it does not decrease the amount of effort required to lift a load.
b) you can only lift the load as high as the level you are at.
c) a directional advantage changes the direction of the effort.
d) you will have less rope to pull.

What should you always do first with a spring scale?
a) Attach it to the rope.
b) Pull on the hook.
c) Turn it upside down.
d) Zero it out.

A baseball bat is one type of lever system. What class lever is it?
a) Class-1
b) Class-2
c) Class-3
d) Class-1 and Class-3

Which of the pairs of levers belongs to the same class?
a) Tweezers and Scissors
b) Teeter-totter and Hockey Stick
c) Nutcracker and Broom
d) Fishing Rod and Fly Swatter

The pivot point in a lever system is called a(n)...
a) fulcrum.
b) load.
c) lever arm.
d) effort

The unit used to measure force is called a...
a) gram.
b) meter.
c) liter.
d) newton.

If a pulley system had FOUR segments of rope that help lift the load, what is the effort reduced by?
a) One Half
b) One Third
c) One Fourth
d) It is not reduced, it is four times harder to lift the load.

What is the fulcrum?
a) The point where the lever arm pivots.
b) The fullest point of the lever.
c) Where the load is attached on a pulley system.
d) The mass the lever lifts.

The mass lifted or the resistance overcome on a lever is called what?
a) Arm
b) Load
c) Effort
d) Fulcrum

What two things make up work?
a) Time and Distance
b) Force and Load
c) Force and Distance
d) Fulcrum and Force

What situation would give you a mechanical advantage?
a) Lifting a large box.
b) Using a fixed-pulley system.
c) Using a fly swatter.
d) Sliding a chair across the room.

What situation would give you a directional advantage?
a) Using a movable-pulley system.
b) Using a fixed-pulley system.
c) Turning your bike sharply around a corner.
d) Using a lever to lift a load upward.

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