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What new significance does David’s name take on during the argument with Mr. Neck?
a) David’s name means “strong,” and David is finally being strong
b) David’s name reminds the reader of the biblical battle between David and Goliath
c) David’s name means “outspoken,” and David is finally speaking out
d) All of these statements are true

Why is it ironic that the school changed its mascot from the Trojans to the Blue Devils?
a) The Trojans were also known as the “blue devils”
b) They want their mascot to have a positive connotation
c) The student body is not allowed to vote on the change
d) The red devils are the mascot of a rival school

Which of the following is not an allusion?
a) Biology
b) Oprah
c) Titanic
d) The Scarlet Letter

Which sport does Melinda enjoy?
a) Swimming
b) Lacrosse
c) Tennis
d) Volleyball

How is Melinda like Picasso?
a) Both liked to draw trees
b) Both carved before painting
c) Both went through several “periods” that shaped their art
d) Both hated school

Which of the following does NOT demonstrate the theme of identity in the novel?
a) The clans
b) The characters' rooms
c) The mascot change
d) David's fight with Mr. Neck

Which mascot did the Ecology Club protest?
a) The wombats
b) The tigers
c) The hornets
d) The Trojans

Why does Rachel change her name to Rachelle?
a) She has always hated the name Rachel
b) She has joined the foreign exchange student clan and wants to seem “exotic”
c) She thinks that Andy will like her better
d) She dislikes her mother, who shares the same name

How has Hairwoman changed by the end of the novel?
a) She has died her hair orange
b) She has died her hair black
c) She is wearing contacts
d) She has shaved her head

What does the tree in chapter “Pruning” symbolize?
a) Hope
b) Growth
c) Identity
d) All of these are symbolized by the tree

What type of imagery does Halse Anderson use to describe characters in Speak?
a) Biblical
b) Color
c) Animal
d) Seasonal

What does Melinda place over the mirror in her closet?
a) A poster of Maya Angelou
b) A poster of Nathaniel Hawthorne
c) A poster for The Scarlet Letter
d) A poster of the old mascot, a Trojan

What do Melinda’s bleeding, scabby lips symbolize?
a) Her dislike of others
b) Her lack of friendship
c) Her dislike of others
d) Her inability to speak

Melinda has a flashback to a previous event while completing the apple lab in Biology. What past event does Melinda relive?
a) A trip to the apple orchard with her parents
b) A memory about past Valentine’s Days
c) A trip to the apple orchard with Rachel
d) A memory about the night she was raped

Why does Heather visit Melinda after she has said she won’t be her friend anymore?
a) She needs help creating posters for the canned food drive
b) She was kicked out of the Marthas
c) She needs help decorating for prom
d) She needs help with a class project that is due the next day

Rachel believes that Hawthorne did not place symbols in his writing, and so she voices her opinion to Hairwoman. How does Hairwoman react to Rachel’s thoughts on symbolism?
a) She argues that Hawthorne was a genius, and that he placed symbols throughout The Scarlet Letter.
b) She sends Rachel to MISS.
c) She assigns an essay on symbolism.
d) She argues he was a genius AND assigns an essay

What is the figurative meaning of the chapter “Cutting Out Hearts?”
a) It is Valentine’s Day, so students are cutting out hearts from paper to give each other.
b) It is called “Cutting Out Hearts,” because Melinda is in a lot of pain in this chapter. She feels as though her heart is
c) The Biology class is dissecting frogs. Melinda passes out.
d) Melinda receives a Valentine from David.

What does the coming of spring represent for Melinda?
a) Growth
b) Hope
c) Renewed strength
d) All of these are represented by spring

What structural element in the novel represents Melinda’s acceptance of speech?
a) Placing thoughts in parenthesis
b) Using longer paragraphs
c) Using script for dialogue
d) Embedding dialogue within the narration

When does Melinda first share her opinion of Andy Evans?
a) When she tells Rachel about the rape
b) When she speaks with her school counselor
c) When she writes on the bathroom wall
d) When she talks to Mr. Freeman

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