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Meiosis is BEST described as
a) The process in which the number of chromosomes in a cell is cut in half through the separation of homologous chromosomes.
b) The process in which the number of chromosomes in a cell is doubled through the copying of homologous chromosomes.
c) The process in which the number of chromosomes stays the same per cell while the number of cells is doubled.
d) The process in which the number of chromosomes stays the same per cell while the number of cells is reduced by half.

During meiosis, chromosome pairs randomly line up along each side of the cell equator. This arrangement mixes up the chromosomal combinations, which
a) helps ensure reproductive success.
b) helps create and maintain genetic diversity.
c) helps maintain all of the previous generation's characteristics.
d) helps ensure an equal number of males and females in the next generation.

What is formed at the end of Meiosis ll?
a) gametes
b) identical cells
c) diploid cells
d) centromeres

In which process does cell division produce germ cells (eggs and sperm)?
a) prophase
b) meiosis
c) anaphase
d) mitosis

During meiosis, how many haploid cells (or gametes) are generated when one diploid eukaryotic cell divides?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

If two diploid cells (2n) joined together in sexual reproduction, their fusion would produce a tetraploid zygote (4n). How do cells that fuse together in sexual reproduction ensure the production of a diploid zygote instead of a tetraploid zygote?
a) The chromosomes fuse, which produces cells with half the number of chromosomes.
b) They first undergo meiosis, so these cells have only half the number of chromosomes.
c) The zygote splits in half, which produces two cells, each with half the number of chromosomes.
d) After fertilization, the cell undergoes meiosis, which reduces the number of chromosomes by half.

What is the end product of mitosis?
a) two identical cells
b) two unique cells
c) four identical cells
d) four unique cells

After a sunburn, the body protects itself by shedding the burned skin and replacing it with new skin. Which process is responsible for this defense?
a) endosymbiosis
b) endocytosis
c) meiosis
d) mitosis

The cloning of plant cells is dependent upon which process?
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) binary fission
d) sexual reproduction

Unlike sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction maintains which characteristic of the original cell?
a) size
b) shape
c) number of nuclei
d) number of chromosomes

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