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Hemophilia is caused by a(n)
a) recessive allele on the X chromosome.
b) change in diet.
c) extra chromosome.
d) dominant allele.

Genetic disorders are caused by
a) pedigrees.
b) dominant alleles only.
c) recessive alleles only.
d) DNA mutations or changes in chromosomes.

What does a Punnett square show?
a) all of Mendel\'s discoveries about genetic crosses
b) all the possible outcomes of a genetic cross
c) only the dominant alleles in a genetic cross
d) only the recessive alleles in a genetic cross

What is the purpose of the Human Genome Project?
a) to cure genetic diseases
b) none of the above
c) to clone every gene on a single chromosome in human DNA
d) to identify the DNA sequence of every gene in the human genome

Why are sex-linked traits more common in males than females?
a) Any allele on the Y chromosome will be dominant with the matching allele on the X chromosome.
b) All genes are recessive.
c) A recessive allele on the X chromosome will always produce the trait in a male.
d) All alleles on the Y chromosome are recessive.

What must occur for a girl to be colorblind?
a) Each parent must be colorblind.
b) None of the above.
c) Each parent must have the recessive allele for colorblindness.
d) Each parent must have two codominant alleles for colorblindness.

An organism’s genotype is its
a) physical appearance.
b) stem height.
c) combination of genetic makeup and physical appearance.
d) genetic makeup.

Scientists call an organism that has two different alleles for a trait a
a) trait.
b) genotype.
c) hybrid.
d) factor.

Which of these is an example of the benefits of genetic engineering?
a) creating human insulin to treat people with diabetes
b) none of the above
c) analyzing karyotypes and pedigree charts
d) cross-breeding to create disease-resistant crops

What is copied during replication?
a) chromosomes
b) the cell’s DNA
c) the nucleus
d) the cell’s organelles

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