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If an event happens immediately, then it is
a) exponential
b) instantaneous
c) deify
d) engergetic

Joe was in trouble with his parents, they had to _____________him for not doing his homework.
a) chastise
b) deify
c) intercept
d) anticipate

The governor made the decision to _________________a law about driving.
a) anticipate
b) agile
c) enact
d) castigate

Jill spends way too much money, she needs to change her _____________ways.
a) deify
b) sanctum
c) exponential
d) prodigal

A good word to describe a gymnast
a) agile
b) castigate
c) vigorous
d) deify

The Latin root for god
a) the
b) dei
c) sanct
d) vig

Latin root for to give
a) dit
b) hab
c) stan
d) cept

This root is Greek
a) stan
b) pos
c) dei
d) thes

This root means to take or seize
a) hab
b) dit
c) cept
d) hab

A blend of various ingredients means you have to ______________them.
a) intercept
b) enact
c) instantaneous
d) synthesize

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