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a liquid mixture in which particles can be seen and easily seperated by settling or filteration is a
a) solution
b) suspension
c) solute
d) solvent

how is a solute different from a solvent in a solution?
a) The solute is present in a smaller amount.
b) The solute is present in a greater amount.
c) The solute is a solid and the solvent is a liquid.
d) The solute is a liquid and the solvent is a gas.

How can a scientist tell whether a solution is salt in water or sugar in water?
a) by tasting the solution
b) by smelling the solution
c) by testing the electrial conductivity of the solution
d) by filtering the solution

Weak tea is an example of a
a) dilute solution
b) concentrated solution
c) suspension
d) solvent

What is one way to increase the solubility of sugar in water?
a) heat the water
b) chill the water
c) increase the amount of sugar
d) decrease the amount of sugar

What happens when you add salt to the water when cooking spaghetti?
a) It brings the water to a boil faster
b) It makes the water boil at a higher temperature.
c) It reduces evaporation of the water.
d) It makes the spaghetti cook more slowly.

Which is a characteristic property of acids?
a) turn blue litmus paper red
b) turn red litmus paper blue
c) tastes bitter
d) do not react with metals

Any substance that forms hydrogen ions (H+) in water is a(n)
a) acid
b) base
c) indicator
d) salt

The pH scale measures
a) the strength of an acid
b) the strength of hydrogen ions
c) the concentration of hydrogen ions
d) the concentration of an acid

How is pH important during digestion?
a) Digestion needs a constant pH to take place.
b) Different foods have different pH values.
c) Enzymes react best with acids.
d) Different enzymes work best at different pH values.

Normal rainfall is slightly acidic, which means its pH must be
a) less than 2
b) between 5 and 7
c) between 2 and 4
d) between 7 and 9

A measure of how well a solute can dissolve in a solvent at a given temperature is that
a) saturation point
b) acidity
c) solubility
d) concentration

What do enzymes in the digestive system do?
a) speed up chemical digestion
b) speed up mechanical digestion
c) make the stomach acidic
d) neutralize stomach acid

Acids naturally present in food are safe to eat because they usually are
a) concentrated
b) dilute
c) strong
d) weak

You can find the pH of a substance by using
a) plain paper
b) a thermometer
c) an indicator
d) a conductivity tester

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