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Which of the following is true regarding smartphones and PIM applications?
a) Smartphones save changes you make in PIM applications in random-access memory (RAM), the contents of which are erased when yo
b) Smartphones rarely have enough memory to support full-featured PIM applications.
c) Smartphones use infrared-based keyboards for inputting information into PIM applications.
d) Smartphone PIM applications are designed to work in tandem with traditional desktop or laptop computers.

Employers can monitor their employees' e-mail messages sent to and from the company network because:
a) regular monitoring reduces the extent of infection by malware.
b) this activity minimizes the amount of spam employees receive.
c) all information carried by the company's communication system is company property.
d) it prevents employees from using network resources too frequently.

Which of the following is a drawback of requiring SMTP authentication?
a) The SMTP server will not send e-mail messages that are not digitally signed.
b) The SMTP server may be used illicitly to send unsolicited junk mail.
c) Chances are increased that a hacker can use a packet sniffer to obtain a valid user name and password.
d) Chances are increased that a hacker can use a packet sniffer to obtain a valid digital certificate from the session.

Mark's coworker sent him a joke via e-mail. Mark forwarded it to several other co-workers that he knows will be amused as well. Later that day, the HR calls Mark to the office to discuss a problem reported to them about the e-mail.What is the problem
a) He offended a recipient who received the joke as a result of further forwarding.
b) He offended someone because he did not include everyone in the office who would enjoy the joke.
c) He reduced the effectiveness of the company's spam filters with frivolous e-mail messages.
d) He committed copyright infringement by not citing credit to the originator of the joke.

Which is the best method for sending a word-processor document to another person via e- mail?
a) Send an e-mail message to the person telling her where she can access the document.
b) Attach the document to the e-mail message as a file attachment.
c) Send the document to your ISP, which will, in turn, send it the other person.
d) Copy the contents of the document to the body of the e-mail message.

Cheryl wants to send an e-mail message with an attachment, but she does not see a button labeled Attachment on the client interface. What icon is commonly used on e-mail clients to invoke the Attachment option?
a) Lock
b) Flag
c) Paperclip
d) Envelope

Which choice describes the file type(s) that can be attached to an e-mail message?
a) E-mail messages do not support attachments of any type unless you use a browser to transmit them.
b) Almost any type of file can be attached to e-mail messages, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations or images.
c) Any type of file can be attached to an e-mail message, but only if the file is first compressed using a file compression util
d) Only image files can be attached to e-mail messages; any text must be placed in the body of the message.

In a business environment, in which situation would e-mail be more appropriate for communicating than texting?
a) Sending a message to a friend about meeting at the ballgame later that evening
b) Sending a message to your supervisor informing her that you are running late for a meeting
c) Sending a message to a co-worker about a special delivery at the front desk
d) Sending a contract to your supervisor for her review and advice

In e-mail applications, where are incoming messages automatically routed by default?
a) To the Inbox folder
b) To the Deleted Items folder
c) To the Outbox folder
d) To the Sent Items folder

What is contained in your e-mail application's Outbox folder?
a) Messages that you have sent to others
b) Messages that have been sent to you by others
c) Messages that are queued for sending
d) Messages that have been marked for deletion

Which choice best describes the purpose of the Bcc e-mail message component?
a) The Bcc field contains e-mail address(es) of additional message recipient(s) that do not appear in the message header and are
b) The Bcc field contains the e-mail address(es) of additional recipient(s) to whom you want to send a copy of the message.
c) The Bcc field contains a brief description of the message content
d) The Bcc field contains the e-mail address(es) of primary message recipient(s).

What is the most appropriate way e-mail can be used in the workplace?
a) At least one address in the To field
b) At least one character of body text
c) At least one character in the Subject field
d) At least one address in the To field, one character in the Subject field and one character of body text

What must an e-mail message include in order for you to send it?
a) To send quick messages and alerts
b) To share files and to document and track the progress of projects
c) To access cloud-based applications, thereby minimizing software expenditures
d) To maximize the use of the company's ISP services

If you have set up Web-based e-mail, you can:
a) log on and check your e-mail only if you have purchased Internet service from an ISP.
b) log on and check your e-mail from any computer that has Internet access.
c) send e-mail messages only if you attach digital certificates to them.
d) download file attachments, even in the absence of MIME.

What happens to the e-mail messages you receive while the autoresponder feature is enabled?
a) Messages are stored in your Outbox until you disable the autoresponder feature and manually retrieve the messages to ur inbox
b) The messages are returned to the senders with the automatic reply message you specified.
c) The messages are automatically sent to your Deleted Items folder.
d) The messages are stored in your Inbox as usual.

Which protocol do e-mail programs use to identify the file types of attached files?
a) POP3

Lisa is configuring an e-mail client to connect to her e-mail account. Which of the following is required to set up the e-mail account?
a) A DNS server address
b) A POP3 address
c) An FTP server address
d) An HTTP address

In order to help with your job tasks, your supervisor has given you a PIM application to install and use. PIM is an acronym for a type of program with which you can:
a) filter spam at the client.
b) schedule appointments and meetings, store contact information, and manage tasks.
c) translate dotted-quad IP addresses into easily recognizable text-based names, and vice versa.
d) filter spam at the server.

Why should you make judicious use of file attachments in e-mail messages?
a) File attachments cause e-mail threads to become longer than they already are.
b) Users will not be able to delete e-mail messages as long as files are attached to them.
c) Large file attachments can take a long time to download.
d) Attaching files to e-mail messages is not considered professional and should be avoided in the workplace.

Which action can you perform to filter spam at your client computer?
a) Configure your system to filter IP addresses contained in the latest blackhole list.
b) Use CAPTCHA to distinguish human senders from automated senders.
c) Use SMTP authentication, which requires a valid name and password for each message.
d) Use a client-side filter to identify and filter spam messages.

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