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Ok. ____________ now. I will beat your score.
a) It's my turn
b) Catch
c) Well done
d) Slow down

________ a nice picture in the class.
a) There are
b) There aren't
c) Is there
d) There is

My brother and I _____ like friends.
a) are
b) is
c) am
d) has

The sphere map of the world.
a) globe
b) ball
c) map
d) spin

Leopard's baby is called _____
a) cub
b) puppy
c) kitten
d) calf

Night monkeys have ____ eyes.
a) tiny
b) huge
c) small
d) ugly

Which one is odd?
a) next to
b) in front of
c) near
d) cub

Where is the eraser?
a) It is under the school.
b) It is in your pencilcase
c) I am in the class.
d) Its name is Rocky

_______ a nice chair over there.
a) That is
b) This is
c) These are
d) Those are

I have got a dog. ______ name is Lucky
a) It
b) My
c) Its
d) I

My parents _____ a huge house.
a) has got
b) haves got
c) hasn't got
d) have got

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