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Why did the United States bomb and invade Afghanistan in 2001?
a) Afghanistan invaded the country of Kuwait and threatened the United States supply of oil.
b) The United Nations asked the United States to overthrow the Taliban government of Afghanistan.
c) The U.S. was afraid that Afghanistan was working to develop nuclear weapons and they wanted to put a stop to the program.
d) They believed the government was offering safety to al-Qaeda, the organization that attacked the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.

What led to the end of the Ottoman Empire at the close of WWI?
a) The Ottomans were on the losing side of the war, along with Germany and Italy.
b) The Empire spent too much money on buildings and new roads and went bankrupt.
c) The people in the Empire were starving because a long drought had ruined agriculture.
d) The Ottoman government was overthrown by a revolt of factory workers who were unemployed when the war ended.

Which would be a problem in a command economy?
a) individuals trying to start a new business
b) workers forced to do jobs they did not care to do
c) local crafts produced before manufactured goods
d) government planners set prices for goods produced

What is human capital?
a) Skills and education workers have
b) Taxes collected from a country's workers
c) Money paid to workers for producing goods
d) The amount of goods sold in foreign trade in a year

Why was OPEC created?
a) to regulate the supply and price of oil
b) to help the Palestinians in their problems with Israel
c) to design new machinery to get oil out of the ground
d) to keep countries that are not members from producing any oil

SW Asia is currently facing environmental issues. Topics such as chemical fertilizer, garbage, sewage runoff and lack of proper irrigation. Which of the following is NOT an issue facing SW Asia today?
a) River Dams
b) Uneven water distribution
c) Water Pollution
d) Smog

Why does international trade require a system of exchanging currency between nations?
a) Everybody wants and accepts American money.
b) If the value of the currency could not be changed to another countries currency, countries would not trade with each other.
c) Because the Peso is the most valuable currency in the world.
d) Because the United Nations is trying to stop countries from using gold.

What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group?
a) You can choose your ethnic group but not your religious group.
b) You can pick your friend, you can pick your nose, but you cannot pick your friend's nose!
c) You can't choose your ethnic group but you can choose your religious group.
d) You can choose both your ethnic and religious groups.

What is the relationship between investment in capital (factories, machinery, and technology) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
a) One drives the other, the more you invest in capital the higher the GDP will be.
b) One is completely separate from the other.
c) GDP determines human capital which determines exchange rate which determines capital.
d) GDP is based on the individual, capital is based on foreign countries.

How did European partitioning in SW Asia (Middle East) after the break up of the Ottoman Empire lead to regional conflicts?
a) Allies created new boundaries with no consideration of local geography, tribal affiliation or national identity.
b) Allies created new boundaries with total consideration of local geography, tribal affiliation or national identity.
c) Allies left boundaries the way they were before WWI (Great War).
d) Allies allowed local leaders to partition the SW Asia region.

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