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Elements that lie along the zigzag line are mostly?
a) metals
b) metalloids
c) nonmetals
d) transition metal

Which pair of elements is in the same group?
a) Rb and Cs
b) Ca and Ti
c) Li and Be
d) Na and Mg

What do the elements Mg, Ca, and Sr have in common?
a) Same atomic mass
b) Same mass number
c) Same atomic number
d) Same number of valence electrons

Elements in the same family of the periodic table
a) have similar properties
b) have identical properties
c) have unrelated properties
d) always occur in phases

Which property of metal make them good for cooking?
a) They are shiny
b) They are brittle
c) They are ductile
d) They are good thermal conductors or thermal energy.

What does each box on the periodic table represent?
a) A group
b) A period
c) An element
d) A compound

How are elements arranged on the periodic table?
a) By chemical symbol
b) By increasing atomic mass
c) By increasing atomic number
d) By alphabetical order of name

What is true about the position of all metals in the periodic table?
a) They are in the first group
b) They are in the bottom period
c) They are in the right most column
d) They are to the left of the zigzag line

What do elements in the same group on the periodic table have in common?
a) Same atomic numbers
b) Similar chemical symbols
c) Similar chemical properties
d) Same average atomic number

If you know the atomic number of an element and the element's position in the periodic table, what can you determine about the element?
a) The atomic mass of the element
b) The number of neutrons in an atom of the element
c) The mass number of any element to the left or right of the element
d) The atomic number of any element to the left and right of the element

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