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What happens to the denisty of a solid object if you cut it into 8 equal pieces?
a) The density stays the same
b) Each piece has a density 1/8 of the original
c) The density of each piece is 8 times greater
d) Each piece has a density 1/4 of the original

What is the formula for density?
a) Mass times volume
b) volume divided by mass
c) mass divided by volume
d) volume times mass

Objects in water will float if the density of the object is
a) more than 1
b) less than 1
c) twice the amount of the water
d) 1

The proper units to use when measuring density are
a) g/cm3
b) cm3
c) g
d) cm3/g

What is the density of an object if the volume is 50.0 cm3 and the mass is 25.0g
a) 2.0 g/cm3
b) 1.0 g/cm3
c) 1250.0 g/cm3
d) 0.5 g/cm3

If an object has a density of 0.9 g/cm3 it will
a) sink in alcohol that has a density of 0.8 g/ml
b) it will sink in water that has a density of 1.0 g/ml
c) float in oil that has a density of 0.7 g/ml
d) float in alcohol that has a density of 0.8 g/ml

An object will sink in water if it has a density
a) equal to the density of water
b) 1/2 the density of water
c) less than 1
d) greater than 1

A block of metal has a mass of 14.0 kg and a volume of 2.0 L. What is the density?
a) 28.0 g/ml
b) 7.0 g/cm
c) 7.0 g/ml
d) 28.0 g/cm

Oil floats on water. The most accurate reason for this is
a) Oil is more dense than water
b) Water is less dense than oil
c) oil is immiscible (does not dissolve) in water
d) oil is less dense than water

A graduated cylinder contains 100 ml of a liquid. The mass of the graduated cylinder with the liquid is 145 grams.The mass of the graduated cylinder when empty is 45 grams. The liquids density is
a) 3.2 g/ml
b) 1.0 g/ml
c) 0.3 g/ml
d) 5.4 g/ml

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