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What is the State of matter as seen in stars?
a) Solid
b) Plasma
c) Liquid
d) Gas

One colloid that seemed to be a liquid without pressure and a solid with pressure is?
a) Oobleck
b) Metalloid
c) Plasma
d) Glue

Which is NOT a property of matter?
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Light
d) Inertia

Which is a Pure Substance?
a) A mixture of water and salt
b) A Solution
c) A Mixture
d) An Element

Elements have three basic groups. Which is Not one of the groups?
a) Metal
b) Colloid
c) Metalloid
d) Non Metal

Matter that is dispersed in a solvent is called?
a) Solvant
b) Solution
c) Solute
d) Saliva

The solvent in a chocolate milk is?
a) Milk
b) Chocolate
c) Sugar
d) Water

Two elements chemically joined form...
a) an Element
b) a Mixture
c) a Compound
d) Hydrogen

The Atomic number tells us?
a) The number of protons
b) The number of atoms
c) The number of Neutrons
d) The number of molecules

Which is NOT a metal?
a) Soduim
b) Helium
c) Potassium
d) Gold

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