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Every ten years the 435 seats in the House of Representatives can be redistributed to the states if their population changed to make sure everyone is equally represented. This is the definition of...
a) redistricting
b) reapportionment
c) gerrymandering
d) reseating

The electoral college is used for
a) presidential elections
b) Senator elections
c) governor elections
d) mayor elections

In order to become president, he/she must
a) win a majority of the votes in America
b) use only his own money for campaigning
c) have already been the governor of a state
d) win at least 270 (half) of the electoral college votes

Primary elections...
a) are the final chance for voters to choose who the prsident will be
b) si when the two major parties choose their nominees for many major offices, like the President, Governor, Senate, etc
c) have almost 90% voter turnout
d) use the electoral college to determine who wins the election

A census survey collects population numbers and demographic data every
a) 2 years
b) 5 years
c) 10 years
d) time there is a presidential election

Who created barriers to voting for African American citizens (such as the literacy test and poll taxes) before the 1960s?
a) The president
b) Congress
c) Supreme Court
d) State governments, especially in the South

The following are ways the media can affect politics EXCEPT
a) announce who is winning an election (even before the final votes are counted)
b) use false information to trick voters
c) the media can choose to ignore certain issues and politicians, so that the public doesn't learn about them
d) can inform voters on issues on news programs and talk shows

Someone running to become president should
a) spend time campaigning in states that have a lot of electoral votes
b) spend time campaigning in their home state
c) not worry about making campaign commercials
d) join a third party, because they are more likely to win elections that way

Young people are...
a) the most knowledgeable age group when it comes to politics
b) the group that is most likely to vote in primary elections
c) really worried about prescription drug costs
d) the least likely group to turn out to vote

All of the following describe characteristics of voting in America, EXCEPT
a) Voter turnout is the highest for presidential elections
b) it is lower than in most democratic countries
c) voting is mandatory (required by law)
d) older people are more likely to vote than younger people

When the state government refers a bill to the voters to decide on, it is called a
a) an initiative
b) a referendum
c) a ballot cruncher
d) citizen law

Third parties
a) play a major part in elections
b) are successful in defeating presidential nominees from the two major parties
c) rarely get elected
d) have no impact on politics at all

What is the main purpose of a political party
a) To win elections and control the government
b) to influence foreign policy
c) to make laws
d) to make textbooks for schools

The Sierra Club is an environmental interest group. Its members...
a) can only influence the government by electing its members to government office
b) must go through lots of training before they can join the club
c) can write letters to and meet members of Congress to encourage them to pass laws to help the environment
d) can be arrested for trying to influence law making

An initiative is
a) the money a presidential candidate receives from their political party
b) the removal of a bad politician from office
c) redrawing district lines after a census is take
d) an idea for a law that is signed by citizens in the form of a petition

a) dedicate their work to prepare to run for political office
b) work for an interest group and try to influence law making and policies
c) spend a majority of their time writing campaign speeches
d) solely work with state governments

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